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■JCDN Goals and activities

●Nurturing Emerging Artists/Dance Outreach

【Nationwide Dance performance Tour System Development】

■Regional dance scenes around Japan are often working in isolation. JCDN is developing a touring system to promote regional interconnectivity throughout the country and thereby help artists access broader audiences and find new opportunities for showing work and engaging in other activities.
■This system will create an increase in the number of dance performances around country, assist in maturing their work and at the same time nurture more refined dance audiences.
■This program focuses on the development of new dance values and original movement ideas.

⇒“We're Gonna Go Dancing!!”  A Dance Tour of Performance Spaces Nationwide
From October to December each year, performance events are held across the country, with four or five groups performing at each venue. We have performed in 26 cities since 2000. A total of 140 groups (artists) have joined so far.
Selection of artists for each season has been made each June during auditions and dance discussion events at proposed regional venues. Artists are chosen via:
1 )Auditions and video auditions in each city.
2) Requests from sponsors or JCDN
3) Recommendations from dance venues (in Tokyo; Session House/ Yokohama: ST Spot/ Osaka: Dance Box/ Kyoto: Kyoto Art Center)
Up to and including 2006, vol.7, selection was limited to solo to trio performers; from 2007, vol.8, we plan to increase selection of companies (up to 5 people) as well as artists from overseas. We are planning to hold “We're Gonna Go Dancing!! in Asia” vol.1, in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

Cosponsored by Asahi Breweries, Limited, and Toyota Motor Corporation since 2000 (vol.1)
Sponsored by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. 2004 (vol.5) and 2005 (vol.6)
Supported by the Art Organization Human Resources Development Program of the Agency for cultural Affairs since 2002 (vol.3)

【Dance Programs Coordinated Jointly with Regional Organizations】

⇒Dance Workshops + Performances ,Showcase Coordination
Workshops for children, senior citizens, the physically challenged, and people who have no experience in dance. Production support and interregional program coordination are provided to regional public venues and cultural organizations that undertake new dance programs. Viable plans are proposed and artists are introduced in order to tailor programs to the needs of each region.

Presented by following Cosponsors
Fukuoka/ Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion(2001〜)
Miyagi/ Sendai Cultural Foundation (2000〜2003)
Fukui/ NPO Fukui Art and Cultural Forum (2003〜)
Toyama/Toyama Kenmin Shogekijyo (2003)
Kyoto/Kyoto Arts and Cultural Foundation(2002・2004)
Kyoto Culture Machizukuri Executive Committee (2004)
Kyoto Art Center (2006-2007)
Chiba/ Matsudo Youth Center (2005)
Shizuoka/Shizuoka City Cultural Promotion Foundation (2005)
Aichi/ Miyoshicho Cultural Center - Sun Art (2005)
Oita/ We're Gonna Go Dancing!! Oita Executive Committee (2006〜)
Sasebo/Arkas SASEBO (2006)
Tokushima/ Tokushima Art Foundation for Culture (2006)
Tokyo/ Koto Community Foundation/ Tiara Koto Performing Arts Center (2006〜)

⇒Various workshops in elementary, middle and high schools
Doshisha middle school (Kyoto), Kanagawa Sougou Sangyo High School etc,.

⇒Production Seminars
Seminars to nurture administrators and producers.
“Extremely Practical !! Emerging Creators Art Management Seminar” coordinated jointly with Fukuoka City Foundation for Art and Cultural Promotion.
“KYOTO DANCE PRODUCTION” sponsored by Kyoto Art Center ( Since 2006)

⇒Seminars and Dance Programs for Public Halls
Sponsored by the Association of Public Theaters, Stage Art Fair (2001〜)/ Art Management Seminar at BLOCH Theater in Hokkaido.(2003)/ Video presentation of “approaching the charm of contemporary dance!” - hold performances and workshops (directed and created by the Association of Public Cultural Theaters and Halls in Japan, the Agency for Cultural Affairs ?Art Information Plaza)(2004)/Sponsored by Japan Foundation for Regional Art Activities, Stage Labo Kyoto Session (the independent project planning and implementation course for dance (2005), Sponsored by Japan Foundation for Regional Art Activities Project for Public Hall Contemporary Dance Vitalization Program(2005〜2006)

Symposiums and seminars on various dance subjects are held.
Performing Arts Messe in Osaka;
The Possibility of Dance (2001), To Enrich the Environment for Dance(2002)
The Potential of Dance Workshops(2003)
Tokyo Performing Arts Market;
Conference for the Planning and Realization of a Supportive Dance Environment(2002)
Building Nationwide Dance Network(2003)


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