●Outreach/Nurturing growth

●Explorations and Proposals

●Internatnal networking




■JCDN Goals and activities

●Explorations and Proposals

Reports and views relating to contemporary dance and art management in Japan are exchanged and discussed. Through seminars and lectures (held with both public and private sponsorship) where nonprofit organization-concerned situations and proposals are discussed, opportunities are created for evolving more mutually beneficial relationships.

⇒ Participation in Lectures, Seminars and Symposium
Art NPO Forum (2003)/ Art Network Japan Lecture Series vol.1 Searching The possibility of Art NPO(2003)/ Seminar held by the Association for Corporate Support of Arts, Japan (2003)/Toyota Art Management Seminar(2003)/Waseda University Business School Art Management Guide (2003) etc.

⇒ Promotion of Japanese contemporary Dance Internationally
Presenter at Adelaide Arts Market in Australia (2002,2004)
Promoter of Japanese Contemporary Dance for International Presenters at Tokyo Performing Arts Market (2003)

⇒ Research
JCDN conducts research on the circumstances and official policies surrounding dance activities worldwide.
Research for dance policy in England (2004〜)

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