The activities of Japan Contemporary Dance Network as a nonprofit organization are made possible through:
 1) Membership fees
 2) Government and private foundation grants and corporate sponsorship; and
 3) Revenue from its projects.
JCDN's arts organization activities include projects that are planned and held independently by JCDN, projects organized for other organizations, a range of services for JCDN members and information for the general public. As well, as a nonprofit organization, JCDN is committed to developing a cooperative information system to improve access and services for dance audiences.


Membership : JCDN's essential base of support
JCDN is a nonprofit organization that depends on its members for support of its activities. JCDN has three different levels of membership (described below). The funds collected from membership fees, along with grants, gifts and sponsorship, cover JCDN's basic administrative expenses and staff salaries, support the trailblazing work of dance artists and organizers all over Japan and make possible JCDN's online event reservation service and the continued distribution of contemporary dance information in Japanese society. Please note that JCDN membership is available only to citizens and residents of Japan and to Japanese citizens living overseas.
We hope you will consider supporting and taking part in JCDN's mission and activities by becoming a member at one of the following levels.

Active Member Any individual or organization actively supportive of JCDN's missions and activities, including artists, producers, critics, researchers, writers, venues, museums, corporations, foundations and local governments, may become an Active Member.
Supporting Member Any individual or organization supportive of JCDN's activities may become a Supporting Member.
Dance Community Member Any individual interested in JCDN's activities may become a Dance Community Member. This option is available for anyone looking for new dance enjoyment and learning opportunities who would like to receive dance-related event information.

⇒ Membership Types and Benefits
 Active Member
  The following benefits are available to Active Members:
●Profile featured in the JCDN Membership Dance File (updated annually)
●Profile featured on the JCDN website
●Participation in the JCDN Annual General Assembly
●JCDN Monthly E-mail Magazine and supplementary information
●Registration and use of JCDN Dance Reserve (online event reservation service)
●Registration and use of JCDN Dance Apartment(movie distribution service),etc
 Supporting Member
  The following benefits are available to Supporting Members:
●JCDN Monthly E-mail Magazine
●Discounts on JCDN-affiliated performances, workshops and lectures ,etc
●Information on dance performances and workshops
 Dance Community Member
  The following benefits are available to Dance Community Member:
●JCDN Monthly E-mail Magazine
●Option to be on JCDN's mailing lists to receive information on dance performances and workshops,etc

⇒ Membership Fees
A one-time registration fee of \3,000 is required for all new members.
  Annual Membership Fees
    Active Member … Individual - \5,000 Organization - \10,000
    Supporting Member … Individual - \10,000 Organization - \20,000
    Dance Community Member … Individual - \3,000

⇒ How to Become a Member
Please contact the JCDN office by email. jcdn@jcdn.org
Membership is limited to Japanese citizens at this time.


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