■JCDN Concept and Mission

The art of dance is distinct from other forms of art that require language or external tools in that the body itself is the primary medium of expression and communication. The ability to look deeply within oneself, the resources for self-expression, and the capacity to build organic relationships with others − these are the core elements of creation in dance. These elements are also essential aspects of the energy of human life.

As we plan ahead for the future of Japanese society, the nurturing of new sources of life energy is one of the essential tasks we face. The art of dance possesses this vitality that is so urgently needed in our contemporary world. The enrichment of society through the vitality of dance is JCDN’s mission − both to provide opportunities for all people, from our children to our elders, to experience dance in everyday life, and to develop the infrastructure needed to support these activities.

An important part of our mission in fostering a constructive environment for dance is to give artists support so that their work can be created and presented outside of the communities where they are based and be spread throughout the country.

As a nonprofit arts service organization, JCDN aims to develop an environment for dance creation and to reform and improve the overall situation of the arts in Japan. We hope that JCDN can act as a bridge between the art of dance and society at large.

JCDN invites new members to join in ensuring the continued success of this mission, and to support in the expansion of JCDN’s activities. It is our firm belief that with the continued support of our members, JCDN can make substantial contributions toward improving the performing arts environment in Japan.

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