●Outreach/Nurturing growth


●International Networking




■JCDN Goals and activities

●Creating Space For Interaction

JCDN addresses the disparity of dance information that exists between regions and brings together people involved in various aspects of contemporary dance in Japan in order to exchange information and share experiences and visions for the future.

⇒ JCDN Dance Forums
Roundtable forums are held periodically with people involved in regional dance and cultural activities, and various subjects relating to the promotion of dance in local communities are discusssed.

● In 1999,JCDN's inaugural meeting was held with 120 dance-related professionals from around Japan.
● In 2001, a symposium and a meeting were held to announce the official start of JCDN activities. 
● In 2003, a forum was held on the subject of dance workshops.  
● In 2005, a forum was held on the subject of music in contemporary dance at present and in the future  

Supported by The Saison Foundation during 1998-2001 and 2003 and Asahi Beer Arts Foundation, Kyoto Arts Center and Geidankyo (Japan Council of Performers’ Organizations) in 2005.

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