●Outreach/Nurturing growth


●International Networking




■JCDN Goals and activities

●International Networking

JCDN is actively engaged in promoting international exchange and communication between artists and dance-related organizations in Japan and overseas.

⇒ The US/Japan Choreography Exchange Residencies Project
JCDN organizes international exchange programs in collaboration with various organizations,
including Dance Theater Workshop (DTW) and the Japan Societies of New York City, Philadelphia and Boston.
A variety of programs are held with the aim of encouraging the opening of deeper levels of exchange through dance between Japanese and American choreographers. Two choreographers from each country carry out one-to two-week residencies and have many opportunities to interact with members of local audiences and with dance communities.
the Agency for Cultural Affairs International Art Exchange Support Business(International Collaboratively works;2004)
Cosponsored by Kyoto Art Center(2002,2004)

⇒ International Creative Residency Project (2002〜)
Dance artists stay in each other's countries and create collaborative works. Foreign dance artists-in-residency propose and create works while coming in contact with Japanese culture and contemporary society.
the Agency for Cultural Affairs International Art Exchange Support Business (2003)

⇒ Coordinating for Japanese and overseas artists participating in dance festivals
● coordinating for Japanese artists who joined Korea-Japan Friendship in Dance 2005
● Coordinating Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea and Indonesian artists at Fukuoka Dance Wave in Fukuoka, sponsored by Fukuoka City Foundation for Cultural and Promotion

⇒ International Collaboratively Projects
● Australia-Japan Dance Exchange (AJdX) 2006
Presented the Australia-Japan Dance Exchange (AJdX) 2006 for the 30th Anniversary of Australia and Japan Basic Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation.
1) performances by Australian dance companies and physical theater groups.
2) choreographic collaborations with choreographers from both countries.
3) projects by choreographers working with dancers from each other’s countries.
4) exchange between emerging choreographers and dance spaces of both countries.

⇒ Others
● JCDN received art management interns from overseas in 2002 and 2003.
● Research in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand with theme “Creating an Asian Dance Network" as Japan foundation API Senior fellow (2005・2006)
● Workshop for creating a dance network by Indonesia KELOLA with dispatched by Asian cultural Council (ACC) (2005)


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